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Top 11 Best Free Android Apps For 2020

Not all good apps are paid, nor all paid apps are good. On Google Play, as in many other app and game stores, you can find great free apps . And in some cases, the fact of seeing applications with fantastic designs, ingenious utilities and, in short, high quality apps , whose developers have decided to offer users totally free, is even striking.

That is precisely our goal today: to highlight those applications that seem too good for us to be free . But of course, these are just some of the many that exist, and that’s why we encourage you to share your options with us.


We all know VLC at this point, but we do not always value how it deserves this fantastic application. For years, the open source project supported by VideoLan has offered us the best multimedia content playback application for mobile phones , or at least the most versatile and powerful thanks to its ability to play all kinds of video and audio formats , in addition to have useful features such as sending content to Chromecast , access to content stored on servers and much more. The simple fact that this app is completely free & with free in app purchases android.

Download: VLC For Android (Free)


Something similar happens with Telegram . Although you use WhatsApp as the main messaging application, either because it best suits your needs or because your entire environment uses the Facebook app, it is undeniable that Telegram has become one of the most popular and recommended apps , and the truth is that it is not for less.

Leaving aside its messaging service function, it is necessary to mention features such as the possibility of having a personal cloud with totally unlimited storage for files up to 1.5 GB, the possibility of following channels and groups of tens of thousands of people , the ability to use the service from any device , even without the need to install the app, and even the possibility of choosing customers other than the original such as Plus Messenger or Telegram X depending on our needs.

Download: Telegram (Free)

Bitwarden Passwod Manager

Everyone should use a password manager , either free or paid. However, there are not many managers who offer a really free variant without limitations that, sooner or later, will force you to go through the hoop and pay a subscription, or look for an alternative. It is not the case of BitWarden .

Not only is it one of the best password managers and one of the most recommended security apps . This open source password manager is one of the most complete in its category, as it has functions such as multi-device synchronization, 256-bit AES encryption, password generator and much more. All this, in an app with a careful design and totally free.

Download: Bitwarden Password Manager (Free)

Alto’s Adventure

Of course, there is also room for games in this selection of apps that seem too good to be free. And one that cannot be missed is Alto’s Adventure .

Its graphic section , sound and its playability are up to very few, including paid titles. And neither is Alto’s Oddisey , the second installment of this famous mobile action title.

Pocket Casts

It is not surprising that, until not long ago, Pocket Casts was a paid application . The best app to listen to podcasts on Android can be downloaded completely for free , and allows access to thousands of podcasts from creators around the world without having to pay a single euro, all in an app full of utilities and with a fantastic design.

Download: Pocket Casts (Free)


Similar to the case of Pocket Casts is that of Shazam . Although once it was a paid app, after its purchase by Apple it became a totally free utility, without a doubt surprising considering that it is one of the most famous and successful apps of the last decade , based on A fascinating technology that lets you know what song is playing around us with just a few seconds of listening.

Download: Shazam (Free)

Photo Math

Another of the many free wonders we can find on Google Play is PhotoMath . With it, you can solve thousands of problems and mathematical operations simply by capturing them with the mobile camera. And all without the need for an Internet connection.

As if that were not enough, the app integrates a scientific calculator to edit the captured equations, in addition to showing explanations that will allow us to understand and assimilate the concepts that will help us solve the problems ourselves.

Download: Photo Math (Free)


There are many and very good photo editors for Android , but few are as advanced as Snapseed . The app began its journey with an independent company, and was later acquired by Google. Now, Snapseed is one of the few apps acquired by Google that has not lost its original essence based on not too useful functions and integration with other services. It is still the same free android photo editor that many of us fell in love with since its inception.

Download: Snapseed (Free)


And speaking of apps acquired by Google, Waze could not be missing . That the map platform with the largest driver community in the world , and one of the best offline navigation map tools is completely free, is something we should be grateful for.

Download: Waze (Free)


The people behind IFTTT have been making tasks of all kinds extremely simple for years . And still, its application is still completely free . It does not include ads or in-app purchases , and yet this useful automation tool offers integration with more than 600 applications, smart devices from dozens of manufacturers , and also allows us to share our own recipes with other users of the platform to get even more match to the app.

Download: IFTTT (Free)


We conclude this selection with another security tool. This is Authy , an authentication manager that allows you to gather all our login keys in two factors in one place , thanks to a tool with multi-device synchronization, customizable, easy to use and, above all, totally free. If your data is not safe, it is because you do not want to.

Download: Authy (Free)