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5 Best File Managers for iPhone/iPad to Organize Your Files

5 Best File Managers for iPhone/iPad to Organize Your Files

Many iOS users want to manage their iPhone/iPad data on a computer, either Windows PC or Mac. However, there is no direct way to do that. You will need additional software to transfer contents like photos, videos and music between iPhone/iPad and computer. iTunes is the official iPhone & iPad file manager to transfer data and organize the media library. But there are many downsides of using iTunes, such as unfriendly user interface, data loss after transfer, slow speed when working with large amount of data, and inability to view files when backing up and restoring, etc.

And due to all these reasons, many iOS users now are looking for iTunes alternatives for their data transfer and management needs. Today in this blog, we will list the top 7 best iPhone file manager for Windows and Mac that can help you manage iOS files efficiently and provide cool extra features that iTunes doesn’t offer. Just read this blog till the end to pick the best iPhone manager software that is suitable for you.

1.Gihosoft iManager

If you are searching for the best iPhone manager software to organize your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Gihosoft iManager can be the best choice. This professional iPhone Manager can give you a great data transfer and management experience. The main strength of it is the smooth performance and strong capability. You won’t have to use iTunes to backup, transfer and manage files on your iOS devices. Also, iManager is a program with well-designed, beautiful and easy-to-use interface. Below are some of the main features of Gihosoft iPhone Manager:

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version
  • By using this iPhone manager software, you can flexibly transfer photos, videos, contacts, text messages, notes and even app data like WhatsApp, Viber, etc. From iPhone/iPad to computer in just one click.
  • With the help of its Transfer feature, you can easily backup iPhone/iPad data without the need of using iTunes, and create new backups without overwriting the previous backup files.
  • Unlike iTunes, you can freely access and view the data saved in the backup, and selectively export whatever you need to computer in readable formats.
  • iManager also lets you easily find the location of your iTunes backup, access and view the contents in the backup, and export data from iTunes backup to your computer.
  • Gihosoft iPhone Manager software works well on all iOS devices and iOS versions, including the newest iPhone 11/11 Pro and iOS 13.

Using Gihosoft iManager is very simple, just download and launch the software, connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and click on “Backup Now” and it will do the work for you. If you want to manage certain files, just tap on the specific data icon, view them in details and export the items of your choice.

Using Gihosoft iManager to Organize Your Files.

2.iSkysoft iTransfer

iSkysoft iTransfer has been emerged out to be one of the best file managers for iPhone which is used and trusted by millions of iPhone users. The way in this iPhone file manager provides cannot be compared with any other iPhone file manager. iSkysoft iTransfer file manager is not just limited for the iOS devices, instead, this program is compatible with Android phones as well. The major features of this iPhone file manager are:

  • By using iSkysoft iTransfer file manager, you can easily transfer all your files between different devices. For example, if you want to transfer files from your computer to your iPhone/iPad, then you can use it for this purpose.
  • This file manager tool is also well-capable of automatically deleting the duplicate files and folders to manage the storage in your iPhone to save extra bits of room.
  • You can also merge the iTunes with this file manager to get the most out of your iPhone storage management.
  • This iPhone manager tool is compatible with all versions of Mac (even the latest macOS Catalina 10.15) and Windows PC as well.

We hope that these features are well enough to make you satisfied with the performance of this iPhone file manager. You can download iSkysoft iTransfer from here. After you download and install this software on your computer, just set up the basic permissions settings and get started to save every single bit of data.

iSkysoft iTransfer has been emerged out to be one of the best file managers for iPhone

3.iMobie AnyTrans

iMobie AnyTrans is another leading name in this segment of best iPhone manager software. There are lots of exciting and fascinating features that are very efficient to use for every user. This file management tool is an ideal choice for the users who wants to automatically delete the files and folders by giving permission. It will run a full system scan to detect the duplicate files and present a report in front of you on a daily basis. You can review that report and select the files and folders which you want to permanently delete from your iPhone. Some more key features of AnyTrans iPhone file manager are:

  • AnyTrans provides the features of automatic backup to your iPhone files.
  • AnyTrans will also help you to export, import, transfer and share the files very conveniently.
  • This file manager tool is supported by all versions of iOS, including the latest iOS 13.
  • Same as iSkySoft iTransfer file manager tool, this tool will also help you to transfer data from one device to another very quickly and in one go.

We hope that you find the features of this file manager tool helpful. If you want to install AnyTrans iPhone file manager tool, then visit here. You can download this app to get an excellent personalized file manager to handle and manage all your private files and folders.

iMobie AnyTrans is another leading name in this segment of best iPhone manager software.

4.SynciOS Manager

This iPhone file manager tool is identified as the perfect alternative of iTunes because as the name suggests, it will help you to assist and manage all your files and folders very reliably. The presence of a neat and clean UI of this iPhone manager software is something makes it a first choice among the users. You can also look out for the online resources from inside the tool to get some more effective storage management tools. It will display all the data graphs of the used/occupied or vacant data in a separate window. You can search for the area which is holding the maximum storage space manually to delete that data. Some of the most exciting features which we liked about this iPhone file manager tool are:

  • The presence of neat and clean UI makes it much easier for the users to use this file manager tool.
  • You can quickly transfer data between your computer and iPhone/iPad with the help of this file manager tool.
  • Like other file manager tools listed above, SynciOS file manager is also compatible with all leading iOS versions.

So, if you are pleased to download and install this excellent iPhone file manager, then visit here to get this excellent app on your computer. You will surely get satisfied after you use this app for the first time.

This SynciOS Manager iPhone file manager tool is identified as the perfect alternative of iTunes.

5.CopyTrans Manager

This last option present in this list is really a great option for your iPhone. CopyTrans has established its name among the users at a very rapid pace and nowadays, the CopyTrans file manager tool is used by the majority of the iPhone users. Though the graphic user interface of this app is not so appealing because it will give you the feeling of a classic Window page which doesn’t have graphics to attract your eyes. But the overall features that this tool provides are just magnificent. Every time when you are running out of storage space in your iPhone, just open this app and run a real-time system scan so that you may detect all the junk and duplicate files that are eating up the storage space of our iPhone. Some of the critical features of this iPhone manager tool are:

  • This iPhone file management tool is free to use for all users.
  • There is no need to merge iTunes with this file manager tool to manage your system files.
  • As we mentioned above, the UI is user-friendly which makes it appealing for the users.
  • Also supports all the version of Windows as well.

So, if you are happy with the way this file manager tool is delivering the things, then you can install this software on your computer from here.

CopyTrans file manager tool is used by the majority of the iPhone users.


After reading this list, we hope that it has become much easier for you to pick the best file manager tool for your iPhone/iPad. Please tell us the name of the iPhone manager software which you have picked for your personal use in the comments section below. We will also try to find some more relevant solutions to add them to this list. And if you have some suggestions, then please leave a reply in the comments section.

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