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Eversend charges when buying Yaka

Eversend charges when buying Yaka

Buying Yaka on Eversend is one of those unique innovations that have graced us in the new decade. You won’t have to cram the codes anymore, not even the meter number(s). Plus, you can pay for literally every electricity bill in just a single round of swipes and confirmations.

But then, the other question that comes up is – how much am I charged?

Well, like we told you with the entire buying process, among the key requirements is that you should have a balance available on your account. This shall allow you to buy the units as well as clear the charges involved.

Eversend charges when buying Yaka

Eversend only allows Yaka payments of UGX 2,500 and above. The minimum charge for buying units is UGX 1,150 and this applies for payments up to UGX 15,000. If you are paying between UGX 15,001 and 30,000, you will be charged UGX 1,725; payments between UGX 30,001 and 45,000 are charged UGX 2,300; while those between 45,001 and 125,000 are levied UGX 3,795.

For Yaka payments between UGX 125,001 and 250,000, be sure to pay an extra UGX 4,370 charged; UGX 250,001 to 500,000 calls for a charge of 6,900; while payments from UGX 500,001 to 4,000,000 are charged UGX 13,800.

WE haven’t tried this yet, but anything above the UGX 4,000,000 mark is charged UGX 23,000.

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertEversend charges when buying Yaka