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Uganda Airlines halts flights to coutries affected by coronavirus

Uganda Airlines halts flights to coutries affected by coronavirus

Uganda’s national carrier, the Uganda Airlines, is halting all flights to neighbouring countries affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Ever since the acquisition of the bombardier planes, the carrier has been flying passengers from Uganda to most of the neighbouring countries and central Africa.

Now, with COVID-19 declared a pandemic and growing at a fast rate across the world, Uganda Airlines has called off flights to Mogadishu, Kilimanjaro, Mombasa, Zanzibar and Nairobi. It is clear that flights to Kilimanjaro will stop on 20th March, those to Mombasa on 22nd March, while those to Zanzibar stop on 23rd March.

Uganda Airlines joins a couple of other entities that have halted flights because of the same reasons. This is due to the fact that over the past few weeks, there has been a decline in air travellers especially on its international routes, as a result of fears over the global spread of coronavirus.

Jambojet also decided to suspend its services to Kigali, Rwanda and Entebbe, Uganda. RwandAir has also suspended flights to and from China, Israel and India, and waived re-booking fees for all flights made between March 9 and April 30, 2020. Kenya Airways and Morocco’s Royal Air Maroc are among the other African airlines that have suspended flights to China. Ethiopian Airlines, however, recently tweeted that it will keep operating flights to China while adhering to international standards to ensure the safety of its passengers.

It should be noted that Uganda has restricted visitors from some countries with what it terms high cases of coronavirus, including China, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, South Korea, and Spain. Travellers from these, and other high-risk countries are urged to consider “postponing non-essential travel to Uganda.”

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertUganda Airlines halts flights to coutries affected by coronavirus

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Makerere University sets up Coronavirus resource website

Makerere University sets up Coronavirus resource website

As COVID-19, the pandemic spread by the Coronavirus, becomes a bigger threat every new day, Makerere University has set up a website to keep the public updated on the outbreak. This website is a resource to help advance the understanding of the virus, inform the public, and brief policymakers in order to guide a response, improve care, and save lives.

The site has a ‘News & Info’ section that includes articles on the pandemic – especially on how to be ready for it – as well as relevant news on updates and developments on its spread and measures put in place. There is also a frequently asked questions section where a number of suggested answers to most of the doubts on the virus have been compiled.

The site also has a section of resources where the basic details on the virus are mentioned such as the daily situation reports from across the world, how the virus spreads, the symptoms, prevention and treatment, as well as how to beat the stigma that comes with infection.

You can check it out here.

To keep track of the daily infection statistics, the site utilises data from the John Hopkins University Resource.

The website shows a map with circles indicating areas with confirmed infections across the globe. You can click on each one to get a count of infections, deaths, and recoveries. There are also smaller panels on the map with additional data like a list of regions organised from most to fewest cases, a graph of infections over time, and a list of all the countries where coronavirus outbreak has spread.

The tracker is constantly updated with the latest official information as it is available. A section of experts have expressed worry that the true number of infections is much higher than the reported total, but you can keep an eye on the tracker to get the closest estimates.

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertMakerere University sets up Coronavirus resource website


Jumia Tech Week – Everything you shouldn’t miss

Jumia Tech Week – Everything you shouldn’t miss

In case you missed it, the Jumia Tech Week is already on! Customers that love doing promotional online shopping are already enjoying discounts of up to 70% off on tech products. The campaign which is running and lasting up to the 27th day of March also involves flash sales and treasure hunts.

The season has been known to be of a mobile week on the Jumia calendar, but the company’s CEO Ron Kawamara says that customers asked for deals beyond mobile phones and in return the site widened its tech product assortment to answer their prayers.

This campaign caters for everyone whether you are a gamer who needs the latest video game, a student who needs a laptop, phone enthusiast, homemaker into appliances, or a sports junkie who wants that large screen TV, this tech week has more than 10,000 deals ready for you. We continue to witness  uptake  in  tech categories like computing and appliances on our platform. It’s these reasons that led us to create a more  inclusive tech centred campaign this year.

Jumia Tech Week 2020 Deals

You can find various types of cameras in the tech week, to take HD pictures with your beloved ones.You can also look through the TVs, laptops, smart devices, all at affordable prices. Laptops range from HP laptops, DELL laptops, Lenovos and many more.

Customers can also look forward to exciting deals on some of their favourite tech brands like Samsung, Nokia, Tecno, Hisense, Iphone as well as new brands like Pixel and MeWe. Some of the deals lined up are: the Tecno F1 at 183,000 UGX, Pixel 32” TV at 398,000 UGX and an HP laptop at 850,000 UGX.

The Jumia Tech Week will keep with the promises Jumia offers in all campaigns, nationwide delivery across the country & express delivery in Kampala. Customers will also be able to purchase insurance for their tech products with Liberty insurance partnership. This insurance will cover device protection from theft, accidental damage and more.

To take part in tech week, customers can download the app here Or can call 0323 001 380 to place an order.

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertJumia Tech Week – Everything you shouldn’t miss

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itel A56 specifications and price in Uganda

itel A56 specifications and price in Uganda

itel Uganda has officially unveiled its latest Android Go smartphone, the itel A56. Coming in line after the A55, the new phone is presentable with attractive features you would hardly get on a smartphone priced under UGX 250K on the market.

The itel A56 is big! It comes with a 6″ IPS display – the company’s first device with a 6-inch screen – and this can offer enough screen area for you to watch videos, surf the web and even enjoy all your social media. The screen resolution though is low on this one, given the entry-level status as it’s of 960 by 400 pixels.

The phone comes in two colour choices. You can take wither of Gradation Blue or Black. This makes the back look cool with the colour gradient on it.

For the camera lovers, the new A56 has three AI-powered cameras. These include a 5MP selfie cam and a dual rear array of an 8MP and a VGA camera with both cameras featuring LED flash to cater for low light photography. You should expect modes such as HDR, Portrait and Beauty mode.

The phone is powered by a 1.3Ghz quad-core chip coupled with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. There’s also an option to expand the storage by using an external microSD card up to 32GB. The itel A56 runs on Android 9 Pie Go edition with pre-installed apps to cushion any performance issues.

itel A56 hold in it a non-removable 4000mAh battery, a headphone jack and a rear fingerprint sensor coupled with Face unlock for biometrics. It supports 3G and 2G networks.

itel A56 price and availability in Uganda

The itel A56 goes for UGX 239,000 at itel branded shops countrywide. Also, customers can utilize the partnership that the manufacturers have with Airtel Uganda to buy the phone from Airtel shops and stores. The phone comes with 3GB of data, and a customer gets to enjoy 100% data bonus whenever they load data for the next 3 months.

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas Albertitel A56 specifications and price in Uganda

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Meet Dathive: The 1 female among 18,000 SafeBoda riders

Meet Dathive: The 1 female among 18,000 SafeBoda riders

When you place an order for a SafeBoda ride, a check in reality proves that most of your focus is on your destination. The following minutes that involve being matched with a rider, directing them to where you are, and the trip – are all some sort of normal procedure. But what would be your reaction if the rider you are matched with is Dathive, SafeBoda’s one female among the over 18,000 riders?

We spoke to her and learnt how she has coped for the past year in the industry that has been heavily dominated by men.

Dathive joined SafeBoda in March 2019, and is the second ever female to join the the bike-hailing service. At the time, she had a motor-bike lying idle at her home, was an experienced rider, and believed joining the company was the perfect start for her dream to get to another level. She’s now made a year on the team, has acquired a second bike already, and you can feel how proud she is to work with the brand.

Like you would imagine, it has not been as smooth a road. She points out the major challenge she faced in her early days as a rider where passengers found it hard to believe that it was a female rider that was to drop them. Safe for those that would later call back to accept the ride, a number would reject the ride and order for another rider. This, she says, is no longer the case today as many of her customers are now used to being matched to her.

Dathive is willing to be a trainer to any other females interested in joining SafeBoda, and can offer mentorship and guidance from her experience as well as her other bike in the event that the interested party does not have one. She believes that for one to achieve success in employment, they need to have passion for it. This can be the key driver to one progressing to wherever they wish to be in life.

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertMeet Dathive: The 1 female among 18,000 SafeBoda riders

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How to use Google Assistant to read web pages to you aloud

How to use Google Assistant to read web pages to you aloud

Google, at the CES 2020, unveiled a new Google Assistant feature called “Read It.” The feature basically reads aloud the text on web pages. Now, the feature is available on Android. If you have a smartphone running Android Lollipop or higher, you can use Read It on any web page.

Using Google Assistant to read the web pages is very easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open up your web browser and navigate to a page you’d like to hear read out loud.
  2. With the article on your screen, activate Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google” or however you usually start voice commands.
  3. Issue the command, “Hey Google, read it” or “Hey Google, read this page.”
  4. Google Assistant will then read the entire page out loud, auto-scrolling the page and highlighting words as it goes.

Read It is an interestingly easy feature to use. It can as well translate text in 42 languages automatically. That means if the article is written in English but you want to hear it in any language, Assistant will take care of that for you.

The Google Assistant Read It function will not only make life easier for people who just can’t be bothered to read text but it will also make the web more accessible to those who have vision impairments or primarily depend on voice commands to navigate their smartphones.

For right now, Read It is only available on Android smartphones.

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How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4

Nowadays, YouTube has become the most widely used and largest video sharing platform. And you can find a lot of videos about fitness, learning, entertainment and more here. However, you need to always have a stable network connection to smoothly enjoy online videos from YouTube. Maybe this can be satisfied when you are indoors. But what should you do when you are in the wild or on the road? So it is necessary to download YouTube videos to a local disk and convert them to a compatible format for playback at any time. Another question is which format should we choose to convert YouTube video to? In order to avoid various problems caused by incompatible formats, it is recommended to convert YouTube videos to MP4. Why? Here is the answer to this question.

Supported by almost all players and devices

Most YouTube videos are in FLV format, but it is not accepted by all devices and systems, so it is a wise choice to convert YouTube videos to MP4 for playback on a variety of digital devices.

Stores various types of data

MP4 is one of the most secure and popular formats. You can not only use it to store video and audio files, but also collect other content such as images, subtitles, etc.

video converter youtube mp4

How to convert YouTube videos to MP4?

There are many video converters available to help you convert YouTube videos to MP4, but some of them are not as practical as advertised. Either it runs slowly or it needs to download multiple applets at the same time to convert YouTube videos to MP4. Fortunately, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-in-one program that allows you to download YouTube videos and convert formats in one tool. Moreover, it is supported by hardware acceleration technology with lightning-fast processing speed, allowing you to see the complete HD output file in the shortest time. Not only that, it also has the features of editing videos, recording screens and so on.

Step 1: Open the software and go to the “Downloader” section. Then copy the video link that you want to convert and click “New Download”.

Step 2: Paste URL you have copied and click “Analyze” button to have the video analyzed.

Step 3: Select MP4 as the download format and set resolution, size and other parameters.

Step 4: Click “OK” to download YouTube video in MP4 format.

convert youtube to mp4

Other features of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

  • Convert videos to 500+ formats such as MPG, MOV, VOB, MKV, WMV, M4V, AVI, MTS, M2TS, 3GP and more.
  • Convert videos to phones, TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Record screen with sound.
  • Convert pictures and videos to GIF.
  • Convert the video from SD to HD.
  • A Built-in editor (Crop, Merge, Cut, Trim, Watermark, Add effects, Clip, Rotate, Volume…).
  • Add subtitles to videos.
  • Extract clips from audio files.


  • Easy to use.
  • With multilingual interface, English, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
  • HD output quality.
  • Fast conversion speed.
  • Support batch conversion mode.


  • Windows version only.

Final words

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a true all-in-one YouTube video conversion program that allows you to download and convert videos to more than hundreds of output formats in the easiest way and play them on portable and hanging devices. What’s more, it will also provide you with efficient solutions if you need to edit videos and make GIFs. In short, the answers you need can be easily found in this tool, why not try it?

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How to activate WhatsApp dark mode on your phone

How to activate WhatsApp dark mode on your phone

Following numerous tests and speculation, dark mode is now available on WhatsApp for Android and iOS. The feature offers a fresh look on a familiar experience and is designed to reduce eye strain in low light environments.

According to the company, design of the WhatsApp dark mode focused on two points: Readability and Information Hierarchy. Basically, choosing colors should not cause eye fatigue but rather employ colors that are closer to the system defaults on iPhone and Android respectively.

Also, the new feature should help users easily focus their attention on each screen. WhatsApp uses color and other design elements to make sure the most important information stands out.

Users on Android 10 and iOS 13 can use dark mode by enabling it in system settings.

How to activate WhatsApp dark mode on Android

Simply open WhatsApp, tap More options, select Settings, then Chats, and go to Theme. Then, select from either: Dark to turn dark mode on; Light to turn dark mode off; or System default to enable the dark mode to match your device settings. Here, go to device Settings then to Display and then turn Dark theme on or off.

Users on Android 9 and below can go into WhatsApp Settings, select Chats, then Theme, after which select ‘Dark’.

How to activate WhatsApp dark mode on iOS

On your iPhone, go to iPhone Settings and then tap Display & Brightness. Select from the following options under APPEARANCE: Dark to turn dark mode on or Light to turn dark mode off.

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SafeBoda is now live in Ibadan, Nigeria

SafeBoda is now live in Ibadan, Nigeria

SafeBoda has officially launched in Nigeria and is now live in Ibadan. The bike-hailing app, which started in Kampala – Uganda in 2015, and has made its way to Kenya in mid-2018, is now marking a third country of its operations while entering the populous West African state.

Talk of a launch in the country came in way before the end of 2018, and it became even obvious with the hiring of former Andela Community Manager, Babajide Duroshola, as its Country Manager. And with driver training done as of late last year, a launch in Ibadan is certain to be a ready move for the company.

Why is SafeBoda launching in Ibadan first?

According to Wikipedia, Ibadan is the capital and most populous city of Oyo State, Nigeria. With a population of over 3 million, it is the third most populous city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano; it is the country’s largest city by geographical area.

Unlike Lagos, where local bike riders are banned from operating on more than 500 roads in the city, with bikes less than 200cc also prohibited, Ibadan is less prohibitive and seems to be a good breeding ground for a company seeking growth.

SafeBoda joins Nigeria’s motorcycle hailing sector with stiff competition in major players and investors. Last year saw a lot of major investments and innovation done in the sector: raised a $7 million  Series A round in June; Gokada raised a $5.3 million Series A round; and ORide saw Opera’s $40 million fund put out to invest in its development.

Not to leave out, there’s also a large pile of challenges, both operational and regulatory, especially from the transport unions that the company has to skip for a success story to be registered.

We shall detail more on the story.

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertSafeBoda is now live in Ibadan, Nigeria

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The Ecobank 2020 Fintech Challenge is here: Here’s how to apply

The Ecobank 2020 Fintech Challenge is here: Here’s how to apply

Ecobank is now inviting African fintech entrepreneurs to enter this year’s Fintech Challenge. The Challenge, now in its third edition, gives African start-ups the opportunity to promote their fintech solutions. Eventually, they have the potential to partner with Ecobank to roll-out their solutions across Ecobank’s 33 markets in Africa as well as France.

Interested Fintechs can apply by sending details of their product as well as a demo here. These products must address one or more of a specific set of pain points which can be found here. The selected finalists participate in the Ecobank Fintech Innovation Fair, with the top 3 finalists winning cash prizes.

All Finalists will be inducted as Ecobank Fintech Fellows, participate in a business boot camp followed by the Awards and Innovation Fair at the headquarters of the Ecobank Goup in Lomé, Togo in June 2020.

Fellows will qualify to explore the following opportunities including:

  • Multinational product roll out: an opportunity to pursue integration with Ecobank and potentially launch products in Ecobank’s Pan African footprint
  • Service provider partnerships. Ecobank may select start-ups as a pan-African service partner within the bank’s ecosystem.
  • Access to Ecobank’s Pan-African Banking Sandbox: Fellows will be given access to Ecobank’s APIs to test and improve their products for the pan-African market.
  • Mentoring and networking support in the network of global and African partners of the Group.

Applications for the Ecobank Fintech Challenge will close on 12th of April, 2020. To apply, go here.

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertThe Ecobank 2020 Fintech Challenge is here: Here’s how to apply