3 Easy Methods to Disable Windows 10 Update Automatically

3 Easy Methods to Disable Windows 10 Update Automatically

How do I stop automatic updates in Windows 10? It is driving me crazy! 3 days ago, my computer keeps asking me to install the latest update, but I’m hesitating because of the unstable performance. I use this laptop for daily work, so I can’t afford the risk of losing important documents. Now the worry goes further as the automatic update pops up every day. Can you stop automatic updates in Windows 10?

Proven Solutions to Disable Windows 10 Update:

Even though Microsoft has driven a large portion of users from Windows 7 to Windows 10, many people are still reluctant to install every new update the company releases. Well fairly, the update is sometimes truly too frequent. Don’t panic. In this tutorial, we are going to introduce 3 easy ways to disable Windows 10 update for both Home and Pro versions, which have been proven to be working for most Windows 10 users.

Warning: In case you have lost important files due to the auto update, don’t forget to have a try with RePicvid Free Data Recovery as soon as possible. It will help you recover files missing after Windows 10 update.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

Method 1. Windows 10 Stop Automatic Updates in Metered Connection

Windows 10 automatically download new updates when your computer is connected to Wi-Fi or unlimited data plans. If you tell your computer that you actually have a limited data plan, in which way the excess data usage will cause extra cost or fee, it will not download the new updates automatically.

  • Step 1. Click Start menu, go to Settings > Network & Internet > WLAN.
  • Step 2. Click the Wi-Fi that your computer is connected to.
  • Step 3. Scroll down on the new screen and find Metered connection, then turn on the switch of Set as metered connection.
    Windows 10 Stop Automatic Updates in Metered Connection.

Repeat the steps for another Wi-Fi that your computer might connect to. After that, you won’t get the pop up asking you to upgrade to a new build when you’re busy at work or study.

Note: This option only appears when you’re using a Wi-Fi connection. If your computer is connected to the Internet through an Ethernet cable, you cannot disable Windows 10 automatic updates with the metered connection.

Method 2. Disable Windows 10 Update with Group Policy Editor

For desktop users connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, there is a working solution, too. This method works for Windows 10 Education, Pro, Enterprise editions. We will need to make use of the Group Policy Editor built-in Windows OS. Please make sure to read the steps below carefully as there are a lot of categories which should not be messed up.

Note: Windows 10 Home users can jump to the next Method directly.

  • Step 1. Press Windows + R shortcut on the keyboard to open Run dialogue.
  • Step 2. Type gpedit.msc in the box and hit Enter.
  • Step 3. In Local Group Policy Editor window, go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update.
    Disable Windows 10 Update with Group Policy Editor.
  • Step 4. On the right pane, look for Configure Automatic Updates and double-click on it.
  • Step 5. Select the option Enabled.
  • Step 6. Click the box Configure automatic updating, then choose “Notify for download and auto install”.
    Disable Windows 10 Update with Group Policy Editor.
  • Step 7. Click Apply > OK.

By configuring the setting, Windows 10 will notify you available updates for download in Settings instead of the endless pop-ups. You can also choose Disabled at Step 5.

Method 3. How to Stop Windows 10 Update for Home Edition

Windows 10 Home Edition users don’t have to blame for the discrimination. Another solution similar to Group Policy Editor can also disable Windows 10 automatic updates, which works for the Home Edition.

  • Step 1. Press Windows + R to open Run dialogue, then type services.msc and hit Enter.
  • Step 2. On the pop-up window, scroll down to find and double-click on Windows Update.
    How to Stop Windows 10 Update for Home Edition.
  • Step 3. On General tab, click the box next to Startup type.
    How to Stop Windows 10 Update for Home Edition.
  • Step 4. Choose Disabled, then click Apply > OK.

Once the changes are applied, restart your computer, then you will not receive the automatic update warnings since the service has been disabled and will not run itself along with booting,

Bottom Line

There is a contradiction between Microsoft and Windows OS users on the matter of Windows 10 automatic updates. No matter how good the new updates are, it is always reasonable for us to choose as we like. Let alone to say there are risks losing important files, though we can recover deleted photos from computer 100% free. Let us know your thoughts in the comment and don’t hesitate to share this tutorial to your friends.

Author: gihosoft3 Easy Methods to Disable Windows 10 Update Automatically


How to Access 123Movies Unblocked Proxy Websites List

How to Access 123Movies Unblocked Proxy Websites List

123 Movies website is having its best time on the web because of the presence of a huge database for its users. The free streaming website allows users to watch all their favorite movies of both Bollywood and Hollywood hassle free. Many other big websites of this same segment don’t have much content as compared to this website. The graphics user-interface is one of the best parts of this website which makes streaming online movies a much easier task for most users. Just click on the icon of the movie present on this website and start streaming online for free. All these great features contribute to the success of the 123Movies website.

However, as we all know that providing free access to the premium movies which are considered under copyrights violation act is illegal. In simple words, the content which users want to access has copyrights and no user can access that content without purchasing that content from an official and legal platform. For example, you might have seen some of the movies available on the Google Play Store, which you can watch offline after purchasing the premium access by paying a subscription charge. These movies which you have purchased are legal to watch on your device, but the movies which you want to access from a website like 123 Movies are not legal to watch on that platform. That’s why the Government of various countries especially; Government of India has imposed a ban on this website.

123 Movies is currently blocked in India and no one can access this website without having some of the possible solutions to bypass this problem. In this article, we will discuss some of the best solutions which you can consider to get access to the 123 Movies website and along with that, we will also tell you about some of the best alternates of 123 Movies which might or might not be working in India. So, stay connected with this article till the end and extract the useful content from it. First of all, have a look at the solutions to access the 123 Movies hassle free:

Solution 1: Use VPN to Get Access to 123Movies

Using VPN in your device will always sort out the problem of accessing the restricted content of your area. VPN is an ultimate solution of all problem whether it is of hiding identity or for getting access to the restricted content.

VPN offers multiple settings options to users of their choice. For example, if you use a good and branded VPN product in your device, then you can manually adjust the location settings. Changing the location of your device will grant you access to blocked sites. Moreover, your identity will net get revealed in front of the ISP in any case. But to ensure these above points, you need to install the best VPN in your device so that no mishap should happen with you. We generally prefer NORD VPN to our users because this VPN will offer the best features at the lowest price possible.

NORD VPN is developed by the developers of the United States of America and most people of the US use this VPN product to get access to the blocked sites of America. This VPN is also used by Chinese people to access blocked Social Media applications in China. Moreover, NORD VPN had also won the best VPN award of 2019, which makes is the ultimate choice for the users looking for a VPN for their device. Spending 3$ per month for a premium VPN product like NORD VPN is not a very big deal if you can access all these premium features which we have told you.


After purchasing the NORD VPN, you will be provided with the “.exe” file. You have to download that file from the official website and the downloaded file can be accessed from the Downloads folder. You can install NORD VPN from there and can start using it for your personal use. After you launch NORD VPN application, it will ask for some permissions. Grant all the required permissions and change the location manually to see whether you are now able to access 123 Movies website or not. So, definitely, the best solution to access the original 123 Movies.

Solution 2: Use Web Proxy Servers or Mirror Sites

Basically, to block or restrict any website from the users, ISP generally blocks them from their servers so that users will not get access to those websites. But if you use some sort of private servers, then you can easily access the blocked websites of your area. That’s why proxy servers come in to existence with a motive to provide the access of blocked websites to the users hassle-free. The proxy server is nothing but a kind of server that will act as an intermediator between your PC and the website just like a standard server.

But here, in this case, your identity might get exposed in front of the Government because this is not an ultimate solution to this problem. There are many cases in which the user’s identity has been revealed but if you use some of the best proxy servers, then there is a very less probability that someone might catch your identity. We are providing the URL of the top 9 proxy servers which you can use hassle free.

  • Proxy server 1
  • Proxy server 2
  • Proxy server 3
  • Proxy server 4
  • Proxy server 5

So, these are some top 5 web proxy servers. We have also included the mirror link of 123 Movies in this list above. Mirror links (Sites) are those sites which are having different domain names and cast name but they are sharing same content. For example, if 123 Movies website is blocked in your area, then “Go Movies” website which is mirror site of 123 Movies will let you to access the same content which 123 Movies website is having on its servers. In this way you can easily access your favorite content without opting out the solutions to get an access to blocked websites.

Top 14 Alternatives to 123Movies:

Now we are going to list the top 14 alternates of 123 Movies which you can use in place of 123 movies website. All these alternates are a pretty good option and they are listed in the perspective of the content which is similar to 123 Movies. So, have a look at all of them:

1. YIFY Movies

This is possibly and undoubtedly the best alternate present of 123 Movies which users can have on the web. YIFY website, earlier known as the YTS website is a pretty good option out there for the users to stream their favorite movies and TV shows exclusively for free. Though this website is restricted in some countries, still this website is viral among the users. But we recommend you to use VPN while using this website because it will fully protect your identity from the concerned authorities.

YIFY Movies is one of the top alternatives to 123Movies.

2.  Io Movies

Another very good substitute of 123 Movies and streaming in HD quality is not a big task if you use Io movies. The pretty cool user-interface will add some more stars to the features of this website, and you will surely find it to be the best free streaming website. Some really very popular TV series is also available on this website whose all seasons can be streamed online on this website for free.

Io Movies is one of the top alternatives to 123Movies.

3. Popcorn Time

This website is a BitTorrent client, and we don’t think that we need to tell you about the enabling of VPN before you use this website on your device. A complete power pack source of entertainment and other things, Popcorn time, is one of the fantastic sites where users can stream their favorite movies for free. The downloading option is also present out there for the users which they can use to get the most out of it.

Popcorn Time is one of the top alternatives to 123Movies.

4. Bmovies

Bmovies is one of the good places to watch movies and TV series online for free; the site is similar to 123movies. In fact, you will already see the latest episodes of the most popular TV series within its main page. With this, looking for your favorite show will be an easy task. Lots of famous shows are also available on this site. Users can watch and download videos without sign up; there is no registration process required. The site has a different section for greatest movies of all time grouped.

Bmovies shows fewer ads compared to other movies streaming sites, so you don’t need to use an ad blocker. In the top bar of the site, all things are categorized like genre, Movies, TV series, top IMDb, and most-watched. You also get a category in which most of the countries are classified, and it helps to find country related stuff. The domain name of this site frequently changes; on the current domain, the site has around 2 million people. Bmovies is a great site that one must try.

Moreover, the ranking from IMDb from each movie is shown on this website. Bmovies website show all movies and other TV shows in a high screen quality resolution. The site also gives the visitors a glimpse of what is to come to their site soon.


Yesmovies is another popular streaming site that delivers Indie movies, TV programs for free. It is basically a free online streaming website that offers movies, TV shows, and other content. But the content doesn’t appear to be legally licensed or paid for. The good thing about Yesmovies is that you don’t need to create an account to watch a movie. You can directly visit the site and immediately click on the favorite series to begin watching. Yesmovies has more than 9,000 movies available for streaming and provides the viewers with the luxury of selecting whichever genre they prefer. You can choose to watch comedies, documentaries, action, thriller, and many other types.

Yesmovies makes it easier for you with its bright and user-friendly interface that helps you navigate quickly. The interface is simple enough for everyone and teaches you how to download the movie you have chosen to store in your hard drive. Yesmovies has its app, which you can directly download from Google Play Store for Android. Moreover, Yesmovies makes your experience much more manageable by listing all the top-rated shows and movies on one side. The quality of films you can watch on Yesmovies is good; users can check the video quality by resting the pointer on a thumbnail which reveals a card with details.

Unfortunately, since the site is free, you will have to deal with other nuisances like the constant ads that keep popping up on your screen. You can install an excellent ad-blocker to keep the ads away that interrupt your viewing. One of the best ad blockers is the Pop-up blocker in Chrome extension.


MovieZap is one of the best streaming sites that is mainly designed to offer its user to watch latest movies online. This site is formerly named as Movierocks. This streaming site doesn’t save folders on its site; mediators provide content for the website. MovieZap shows less amount of pop up advertisements as compared to other streaming sites. You can install an ad blocker to your device to keep the ads away.

Users need to sign up for getting access to the website. You can download any of the files for free from MovieZap. An extensive amount of movies shows and series are available from which you can choose from. One good thing is that the movies and other shows are alphabetically categorized, by which users have the ease in finding what they want. It has an easy user interface. The convenient user interface of the site provides the users to have fun. There is another section for top-rated movies. Moreover, the movies are categorized by genre and actors. MovieZap possesses high-quality movies, shows, and has a great user experience. Rating of all its movies and shows is done side by side to give knowledge on the best watched and liked the content. You can watch movies in different languages like Korean, English, Gujarati, Hindi and many more. Basically, it is organized excellently.

7. Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja has rich movie resources. You can search for the movies that have been released in the past years easily on MovieNinja. Movie Ninja doesn’t actually host Movies or TV series. One notable thing about Movie Ninja is that they offer you links to websites that offer high-quality movies. This makes it possible for you to easily get updated with the latest movies in Hollywood industry at large.

With Movie Ninja you can stream movies in HD. Moreover, MovieNinja has also invested in new servers to enhance your viewing experience. You can browse the latest movies and TV series as well as the top-rated shows on their platform. You can browse and bookmark shows by genres, such as Thriller, History, Drama, or Comedy. Basically, the Movie Ninja website is a well maintained and well organized free streaming site. All the movies streamed on Movie Ninja are very legal, making the website one of the top tier in the free online movie streaming provider around the globe. Streaming on this platform is quite fast considering the internet connection and also the website is fast too. Users don’t need to sign up or register to use the site. The site is totally ad-free, which will not interrupt users while watching movies online on this website. The interface is user-friendly, and the site is straightforward to use. There is another section for the movies which are highly rated, which saves your time by helping you sort through long list of movies and series.

8. Openloadfree TV

Openloadfree Tv is one of the reasonable alternatives of 123movies. This site has a massive library of movies and TV series. Users need to register to watch any video on this platform. The site is well designed and attractive, and the users can access all its content easily. Openloadfree TV has around 2 million visitors in a month, and about 30% of visitors come from the United States of America.

Here you can browse movies by release year; latest added, latest released, top-rated and alphabetically. You may come across some pop-ups on the site. One best part of this site is that they provide a kid-friendly section. Users can stream videos in high quality. Openloadfree TV offers you a great design and user-friendly interface. Users need to register to access the videos, this site is new in this industry.

The database of Openloadfree TV has over 8,092 movies and 1,279 TV series. It also offers flexible sorting; you can move movies from one list to another. Users may follow new episodes update easily, with a single click and get free email notifications about TV show updates. This gives you the possibility to watch the movie online for free. Basically, it is the best free social movie network that lets you manage your movies and TV shows. Movies can be browsed through the movie index.


Putlocker is an online index of hosted files and a website that can be used to stream films and TV series for free. The site has a massive library of videos. Around 8 million people visit this site in a month. The site has over 5,000 movies categorized into 25 genres, including Romance, action, crime, family, horror. This site cares about the user’s comfort, so they provide you the top list of movies. Besides that, you can choose movies from different countries like India, Korea, Japan, and many more. You can also download the movies and TV shows onto your hard drive and watch them later.

You can watch the movies on Putlocker on high definition resolution, either HD or full HD resolution. To enjoy the highest quality, you can stream videos with 1080p resolution. The best thing about Putlocker is that you don’t need to create an account for you to access the content. Moreover, Putlocker is accessible via mobile phones, whether android, iPhones or any other smartphone. However, Putlocker doesn’t have a mobile app; therefore to access a movie, you will have to use the internet browser on your phone.

Streaming on Putlocker you need to be connected to FasterVPN. Not just for security, but also to block annoying and frustrating ads that pop up. To avoid all unwanted ads, you would need an AD blocker.
The user interface is quite nice, and once you have a hold on the website, you can stream anything you want without any trouble.

10. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is another amazing free movie streaming sites and good alternatives of 123 movies. The site has an extensive database of movies and TV shows. Users get most of the videos in standard HD quality. The site offers movies from different countries like the US, China, Hongkong, France, the United Kingdom, and many more. Also, the site allows accessing all content without sign up which is an excellent way to save time.

MoviesJoy provides you a good interface and user experience. The user can access all parts of the sites very quickly. It has around 3 million users. The site is updated regularly to make sure that it does not fall behind the latest released films. From horror to action, you can find almost everything on this website. One good thing is that it rarely shows any ad. The latest movies can be watched on this site.

To download this app, go to the Google Play store using your Android phone and search for MoviesJoy on the search bar and proceed on installing it. After that, you can start watching movies on MoviesJoy using your mobile device.

11. Hack IMDb

This is one of the most popular free movie streaming sites. This is one of those websites which comes with a complete package. HackIMDb hosts vast collections of top movies around the world. The website features the newest and most popular movies from known film industries streaming incurs none charges.

The ads keep popping up on this site. So, make sure that you have good adblocker in place and enjoy an uninterrupted streaming experience. HackIMDb supports users from 15 countries; you can check if your country is supported on the website. Otherwise, you can get around the restriction with the help of a VPN. HackIMDb provides IMDb info on all movies hosted on the website such as IMDb rating, release year, duration, cast, producer. You would also find recommendations on a similar movie. You would be able to find several new videos, movies still in the cinemas as well as HD movies to stream. Finding new movies is very easy.

Technicality is involved in opening the movie. First, you have to click on the movie you want to watch. It will then redirect you to another link or page. Instead of watching what is there, you have to close it and click on the play button again.

One drawback of this site is the limited server that makes the user a bit agitated once it doesn’t work.

12. is an amazing movie streaming site for the users who love watching Hindi movies. The site also features some movies from other industries and languages. The site has over 90% of Hindi movies. The streaming site features both the most recently released Hindi films and the ones released a long time ago.

The variety of language and subtitle options for the movies listed here provides plenty of choices for making the content accessible to all the people who visit the site. A full section is dedicated to documentaries. The arrangement on the website is easy to review. The interface is user-friendly. No signup or registration process is required to access the movies. provides its users with all the movies as soon as they are released. All the qualities of movies are available from which the user can choose from. The site also provides. TV shows and series. To watch any movie or TV show, you need not pay any amount. Moreover, the interface is user-friendly.

13. is one the amazing streaming site which is very smooth and quick to load. is the place where you can request movies. You can ask to get new or old films added to Moonline through the site’s simple interface. Moonline has smaller library than most of the other sites, but all the movies on this site are in HD resolution.

You can find the movies listed in alphabetical order, based on the ratings and other features. You do not have to create an account to start watching the movies. The site allows you to start from where you left the previous time. The ability to request on this site makes it easier for you to enjoy many things that you might be interested in. The high quality HD displays that you’ll get out of Moonline make it useful site to see when finding movies as well. Download process is not required to get the film ready. Users can check on IMBD ratings of each movie before you watch. Another good thing is that movies are categorized on the basis of genre.

14. Primewire

Primwire is the website that allows the users to have a similar feel as of the 123movies. It is a resourceful site for buffing and watching TV series and movies. Primewire is a free streaming online website, users can watch anything they want from the large collection of movies and shows that it has in store. The best feature of Primewire is related to download. Primewire aims to facilitate users with a seamless experience. To maintain a good experience, the website is organized into different categories like dates and year of release, Genres, newest release, popularity, alphabetical order. You can search for things based on the ratings. The site offers a different section for music that has various streams of the hottest new albums as well. Primewire is the perfect place for music lovers too.

Moreover, there are not many ads and pop-ups shown on this website. You need to create an account before you start watching the movies. The interface is user-friendly, and the site is very easy to use. The best part is that you can download a movie with a single click. It also enables users to download a movie in various formats like FLV, 3GP, MOV, MP4, and many more.

What about Paid Options?

You may come across number of paid streaming sites that may offer some more facilities but charge a lot from the users. Some of the paid options like Netflix, Amazon Prime may have become a heartbeat for some nowadays but they are premium services and do come at costs.

There are many sites where you can stream full-length movies online for free. These sites are completely safe to use, and you don’t need to pay a single penny.

The major drawback is that their library is pretty much outdated. Many users may be dissatisfied with this. Moreover, you need to wait for some time until the new content is available.

Free streaming sites reduces the cost of entertainment and also eliminates the download time. Also, free streaming sites give access to content databases.

Tips: Gihosoft TubeGet YouTube video Downloader – The quickest way to Download video MP4 from YouTube with the best HD quality up to 720p, 1080p for Free without any limits.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

Final Words:

This article here concludes that it doesn’t matter that which website is blocked in your region or which one is not blocked, but these solutions will definitely help you out to get an access to very blocked website of every region. Rest is up to you that whether you find them relevant or not. All the feedbacks and suggestions are welcomed in the comments section below.

Author: gihosoftHow to Access 123Movies Unblocked Proxy Websites List


Best 15 Sites to Download HD Movies Free to Mobile Phone in 2020

Best 15 Sites to Download HD Movies Free to Mobile Phone in 2020

All of us are addicted to watching movies and TV shows. Whenever we get the time out of our hectic schedule, we want to enjoy the latest or classic movies on our mobile and tablets. Nowadays it is much easier to carry your favorite movies around in your phone and start watching them offline whenever you want to.

Whether you are traveling, taking a break from work or sitting idle at home, your mobile device is always within your reach. Watching a movie at home is considered more convenient rather than visiting the movie hall. So how great it would be if you can download any movie you want to watch on your mobile phone for free?

With the help of different websites, you can easily do so and get access to free movies to watch instantly. There are several mobile-friendly websites that allow you to do. So here are the top 15 sites to download free movies to your device.

1. MyDownloadTube

It is one of the best movie downloading sites where you can find hundreds of movies from a different genre that suits your mobile platform. The site hosts several Hollywood and Bollywood movies of both previous years and the recently released ones as well. The movies can be downloaded in different resolutions from 480p to 1080p full HD. The users can also read important details about the movie; its storyline, review, etc. The UI is easy to understand and navigate as well.

Using MyDownloadTube to download HD Movies for your mobile phone or Tablet.

2. 300MB Movies 4U

A very popular and widely used website in India this is because it offers free download options of all the movies that are being launched in India and other areas of the world. The site allows you to either download or watches the movie directly from the website. It has a mobile-friendly user interface that can be accessed in every mobile or tablet that is available in the market. Hollywood, Bollywood movies, TV shows, fights, matches, etc. are all available on the website.

Using 300MB Movies 4U to download HD Movies for your mobile phone or Tablet.

3. YouTube

Even though YouTube is not dedicated to providing the people with the option only to watch movies, the site has a good number of full movies available. You can easily search for the film you want to see in the search bar and check whether it is there or not. You can watch it online or download it by clicking on the download option, and it will be saved for offline use. You can also choose to watch it online and select from various quality.

Tips: Gihosoft TubeGet is a free video downloader for users to download videos for free from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and other sites.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

4. 1337x

1337x is one of the best and most popular torrent websites functioning nowadays. The website has a huge collection of movies from every genre and year in different languages. You can get every Hollywood and Bollywood movies on this website. The website gives good download speed and peering which makes downloading the file easier. 1337x also has torrent files for other items like TV shows, pc games, books, etc. This is a torrent website that allows you to either download the torrent file or directly magnet the item.

Using 1337x to download HD Movies for your mobile phone or Tablet.

5. Divx Crawler

A cool website that provides a lot of movies to download for free. It supports various formats in which you can download the movie that will support your mobile device. MP4, MPEG, MOV, 3GP, etc. all these formats are easily supported by this website. The developers have provided a compressed format of big movies so that they can be easier downloaded and stored in the mobile. Both Hollywood and Bollywood movies are available on this website from recent to classic movies.

6. Gingle

Jungle is one of the most exciting websites to download and even watch free movies, TV shows, e-books, wallpapers, etc. The movie section is updated very frequently so that the users can download their favorite movie without any worries. All the movies available are of very friendly format and size that supports mobile phones or tablets. At Gingle you can easily download Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Dual Audio movies, Bengali Movies, Marathi Movies, WWE Matches, TV shows, and various other items.

7. Vidmate

Vidmate helped the users download their favorite movies in 480p, 720p, and even 1080p HD resolution. The website appears to be very user-friendly, and all the movies are available in mobile compatible formats like MP4, MPEG, MOV, 3GP. The users can download both regional and international movies from this website. Vidmate provides excellent download speed that makes it even more popular. Hollywood, Bollywood, regional movies, TV Shows, etc. are available on the website.

8. DJ Yaar

An Indian website that allows the people to download free movies from the website which has a huge database of recent movies to even the classics. Download the movies in any of the 240p – 720p format that is available. Most of the popular and renowned Bollywood movies can be easily found on this website. Watch from a huge collection of Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Hindi-English Movies, South Movies, Bengali Movies, Marathi Movies, Telugu movies from this brilliant website.

9. HouseMovie

HouseMovie is a cool website with brilliant navigation and seamless movie download feature. The website is easily compatible with both mobile phones and personal computers. Hollywood, Bollywood, regional movies, TV Shows, etc. can be easily found on this website. The users also get to read and know about different movie facts, ratings, reviews, and other information about it.

10. FZ Movies

It is one of the best websites to watch a huge collection of online movies on your mobile or tablet. The website also allows the users to download the movies; however, some of them might only be available for free online streaming. Great to watch on any mobile, the website is simple with an attractive design. You can also come across TV shows which are popular around the world. Watch Hollywood, Bollywood, regional movies, TV Shows, etc. on this website without paying a single sum.

11. MP4Mania

One of the oldest and most reliable mobile websites which provides the users with the option to download or watch free movies. Even though the design and interface might seem to be a bit dated, the website has one of the biggest databases currently. Hollywood, Bollywood movies, TV shows, WWE fights, matches, etc. everything is available on this website. MP4Mania provides the users with the option to watch the movie in different resolutions as well.

12. MobileMovies

This website was solely built to provide the users with excellent mobile site experience. All the movies are in the mobile phone and tablet format. The things such you can download include – Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, South Movies, Bengali Movies, Marathi Movies, WWE Matches, TV shows, etc. So it is a one-stop solution for all your needs, and you can use the website whenever you want to.

13. HDMp4Mania

If you are looking for not only Hollywood and Bollywood movies, but also movies from different countries of the world, then this website is the best option you have. The website has Korean, Chinese, European, and various other regional films which gained popularity. The easy to use website allows you to navigate and download the movie very easily quickly.

14. AVI Mobile Movies

AVI Mobile Movie is a free movie website that you can access from your mobile phone whenever you want. Hollywood, Bollywood movies, animated films, TV shows, fights, matches, etc. are available in huge variety throughout the website. It has one of the biggest collections from where you can choose from. The download speeds are really good, and you get to watch the movies in very little time.

15. MoviesPur

A recently launched and functioning website that has become popular because of its brilliant user interface and stable download speed that it provides to the users. The movies available on this website are frequently updated so that the users can keep watching the latest releases. You can also download Hollywood, Bollywood movies, TV shows, and various other entertaining videos.

How to Download HD Movies to Your Mobile Device

An easy way of solving your travel with no entertainment problem is here with the poof downloading to your device directly. There are different sites which are delivering the option of streaming necessary entertainment. It no needs a continuous Internet connection to watch the movie, once its file has been downloaded and saved.

1.Make better use of cable TV provider for downloading movies.

With the advancements in the entertainment tech, many sites are referring sources that you can use to make the task of watching movies leisurely. Cable TV providers are following this same. These services like Xfinity/Comcast are offering live TV streaming and movie service for free. With the use of your smartphone and the application from cable TV providers, you can download your desired movie or series’ episode. There is a time limit that goes with your downloaded movie or series. Most of the time it remains available till 72 hours or the rest depends on the cable TV provider which you have selected.

There are chances that the subscriber options that you can enjoy at quite some reasonable rates which you can pick from:

  1. Download xfinity using play store (Android), App Store (iPhone/iPad), or any third-party app store, which can bring you the correct application.
  2. Once that you have downloaded the application, you can quickly launch the same. The sign-in option is available every time. If you don’t want to lose the data of your account, it is a better option to do.
  3. In case if you already have a user account putting the username and password which is associated with the Xfinity or other TV cable provider service account.
  4. The menu icon remains available on the top-left corner where you can browse several movie options
  5. There is an option under the name available for download using which you can download any of your favorite.
  6. You can even adjust the graphics of the movie from the options. With low graphics, the data used decreases in amount.
  7. The download option is easy and essential for usage.

It is easy to access the downloaded movie or series from the application menu icon. From the list of your downloads, you can pick your option and then watch the same. With Xfinity, it is easy to watch the downloaded series or movie free of cost as the TV cable provider gives you free access. If you are wondering if there are any extra charges for the same, be relaxed and enjoyable.

2. Download your desires from Netflix

For the subscribers of Netflix, the task of watching and downloading is simple. If you are streaming your desired choice of movies or series, you would be able to see the quality. It is not just with the streaming, but the downloaded movie will also have the same quality. You can download any movie or series using the Netflix official device application.

  1. Download the application from the app store if you have iOS device and the Google play store will serve well with android devices. h
  2. You can check for the subscription plans and pick your desired. After which you can sign in using your username and later the password.
  3. With the sign-in, you will get to see who’s watching? Option if your account has multiple users. The same depends on you to pick.
  4. For the download purpose, you can open the desired choice and from the menu press download.
  5. Once that the downloading is done you can watch the same anyone when you want.

3. Pick Amazon Prime Video for movie downloads.

Another major competitor in the business of streaming and downloading is Amazon Prime Video. There are specific movies or series which are available on Amazon only being it one of those released from the same company.

The steps to download the application are easy and basic:

  1. Visit play store or app store to pick and download Amazon Prime Video
  2. Using your username and password to sign in. Your account will have all the data of your watch list and downloads.
  3. In the search option, you can check for your desired movie or series.
  4. Once that you have met with your choice you can download the same. It is necessary that few movies are not available for download.

4. Download using the iTunes Store on your iOS device anytime

If you are an Apple device user, you must know that the iTunes remain available for the rental or purchase. It is a one-time investment that you do with your iOS device. Each device with iOS comes pre-installed iTunes store mobile application.

If you want use iTunes Store, you must set up a free Apple ID account, and either link a debit/card-card to the account.

For android users, movies can be easily picked from the list of desired search option using a compatible playing application. Some options bring you the list of popular choices from which you can check the trailer and then watch.

The steps to follow to download the application are listed below:

  1. Open the iTunes Store mobile application.
  2. After tapping the movies icon, you can check with the graphics which are associated with your desired movie.
  3. In the movie’s description, you can buy or rent the movie as many of the film can’t be rented.
  4. It is using the Apple ID password using which you can confirm the purchase of your film (if it requires to buy)

5. Old fashion yet most successful: DVD or Blue-Ray movie.

Many of the studios have now started to use the online platform of a free digital download. It is now possible that you watch your desired movie using the old fashion manner. The DVD or Blue-Ray movie which comes with some great graphic qualities upon download from a trusted source turned up to be a happy option.

If you are not sure how to download the movie, the instruction comes along with the disc’s packaging.

There are some other online-based movie services that bring you the option of downloading. These options include the Vudu, Movies Anywhere,, and many others. For instance, some movies or a collection of the film is made available for download on the official site of production.

Anything to Take Care of While Downloading?

If you are using a secured manner of downloading, security is not an issue, especially with big names of downloading agents. However, the only problem you might face is space. Most of the digital file associated consumes a lot of space. This is where trouble can occur. If you are downloading a high-resolution file, the space could be used more than 2 GB. The files associated with the 1080p or 4k resolution can take up 4 GB to 6 GB of space. You can free up some space from your phone for download. It can be done by deleting cache and some photos or putting smart download options at work. With the alternative, the application will automatically delete the watched movies from the storage, making it free for the next file to be downloaded.

Everything under a single roof all you are required to be doing is enjoys watching.

Final Verdict:

So here are the top 15 websites which allow you to download your favorite movie for free. All these websites function very effectively throughout the year, and you can access them by simply visiting the official website. However, remember to use a VPN while using those websites to stay on a safe side from any IP address leak. Other than that the sites will surely be delightful to use, and you will be surprised to check the vast collection of movies that are available with these websites.

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