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How to buy Yaka and pay for electricity on Eversend

How to buy Yaka and pay for electricity on Eversend

Electricity is a modern basic need and the introduction of Yaka meters in Uganda has made it easier to monitor usage in a home or business setting running on hydro-electric power.

Much as there are various ways with which you can purchase Yaka power units to keep you going, efficiency in doing so is also key. Innovations to facilitate a cashless transaction has been put in place and among these is with Eversend.

Founded by Stone Atwine, a Ugandan entrepreneur based in Paris, France, the fintech wants to revolutionize financial services in Africa by allowing its users to exchange, manage and send money at the best rates, both off and online.

So, how do you buy Yaka with the Eversend app?

Key requirement is ensuring that you have a balance available on your account, as well as an up-to-date app on your smartphone. To get the updated version of Eversend, download it here for Android or here for iOS.

If the above is in check, open the app, and tap on the Pay option in the menu below. Under payments, you will see the Electricity option on the right hand side of the first row. Tap it to add a new account, and choose UMEME Yaka option.

You will be asked to add a new Yaka account, by entering your Yaka meter number. A confirmation of the account details will be required after which you can schedule the payment to be automatic or a one-off.

buy yaka eversend

There is also the option of customizing your account with a memorable name such as Home Yaka. Note that the minimum payment to make is UGX 2,500.

buy yaka eversend

To buy Yaka, enter the amount to pay, input your PIN, and wait for a confirmation of the transaction.

The next time you wish to use the app to buy Yaka, the account will already be in existence and it will be a much simpler experience. You can also add as many Yaka accounts as you would wish to.

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How Research Paper Services Can Positively Affect Education

How Research Paper Services Can Positively Affect Education

Students often mention academic writing as one of the first things to be changed in the educational system. Their arguments make sense. Not everyone likes writing, and many students aren’t good at it. No matter what tech tools students use, they have a big problem to focus and complete a research paper with success.

In reality, academic research papers make a positive contribution towards a student’s intellectual growth. The problem is that most students don’t see homework that way. They approach it with a negative mindset, thinking it’s something they are forced to do. That’s why they hire academic writing services.

These services encourage students to explore different issues from various angles. Professional writers teach students how to analyze facts and use them to form opinions. They contribute towards the high-quality education that every learner aims for.

Are There Any Negative Effects?

Student passivity is a side effect of the assignments themselves. A study found that students are demotivated by the following factors:

  • Discouraging attitude and negative comments by teachers
  • Inability to find good reasons to attend classes
  • Tasks being too demanding

Research paper tasks are all this, and more. When the student doesn’t do well at research and writing, the negative comments by professors discourage them. They don’t see a good reason to keep completing work, thinking that the topics have nothing to do with their future career.

These tasks are so challenging that many students decide to buy research papers online no plagiarism. They hire professional writers to help them complete the work. This can be a good thing if the student makes an effort to learn through the collaboration. In some cases, it’s just an easy way out of a difficult situation. The student will continue ordering papers in the future, without making a real effort to get better at writing.

What about the Positives?

The negative aspect of a research paper service is present only when the students are not enthusiastic enough. When they realize that they have a lot to benefit from, they will approach the process with a more positive attitude.

Let’s list a few of the positive effects that research paper writing services have on education.

  1. They Help Students to Get Better at Research and Writing

Collaboration is the best way to learn something you don’t understand.

Unfortunately, professors often assign research papers as individual projects. Since each student struggles with their own assignment, they cannot team up. That’s why they choose to collaborate with expert writers.

A professional writing agency works on the basis of tutoring. The student gets their paper, but they get instructions on writing as well. They can observe the stages of development. The writer finds a way to make them excited about the topic, so they can discuss it from a unique point of view.

  1. Students Learn Something New

When students request assistance with a research paper, it’s usually because they don’t understand the issue that they have to tackle. A tech student may get a research paper assignment on the refugee crisis. They don’t see how this is associated to their future career, but they still have to complete the elective course.

With the involvement of research paper writing services, these students can complete all their papers. Instead of avoiding the assignment, they will get it done. By reading the content, they will learn a lot about the issue that they didn’t understand.

  1. They Develop an Important Skill

Writing is not an irrelevant skill, no matter what career the student decides to pursue. Even tech geeks benefit from writing. Many of them have blogs and YouTube channels. Many offer online courses and earn a living from them.

Even if you solely focus on completing tech tasks in the future, you still have to know how to research and write. You’ll communicate with clients on a daily basis. You’ll have to present your proposals, and you’ll need to make a case out of them. You’ll research, so you’ll see how other projects benefited from a similar approach.

Use the opportunity to develop these skills while you’re still a student. Then, you’ll enter the workforce prepared.

Research Paper Writing Services Are Okay

If the student uses them responsibly, writing services can help them learn in a more efficient way. If we’re talking about someone with poor or mediocre writing skills, a professional writer can help them get better at completing these projects. Since the professors don’t have time for additional training and instructions, these students have to turn to paid writing services.

That being said, it’s not okay for students to buy all their papers online and stop making an effort with these assignments. The point is to learn something new, and get better at research and writing. That’s the only proper way to use professional writing agencies.

The writer, Robert Everett, is trying to encourage students to write more. He used to be one of those people who were terrified by assignments. Now, he loves them! You can follow Robert on Twitter for more writing tips.

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This online tool tracks the Coronavirus outbreak in realtime

This online tool tracks the Coronavirus outbreak in realtime

The festive season in Chinese territory has been highly headlined by the coronavirus outbreak. What began as a controllable infection in the city of Wuhan has turned out to be a complete security threat with hundreds of deaths already registered and several thousands infected. Additionally, numerous travels and air trips have been put on hold to contain the outbreak.

As various measures to control the infections from spreading have been put forward, researchers at Johns Hopkins University have come up with an online tool to track and visualize the outbreak.

The website shows a map with circles indicating areas with confirmed infections across the globe. You can click on each one to get a count of infections, deaths, and recoveries. There are also smaller panels on the map with additional data like a list of regions organised from most to fewest cases, a graph of infections over time, and a list of all the countries where coronavirus outbreak has spread.

The tracker is constantly updated with the latest official information as it is available. A section of experts have expressed worry that the true number of infections is much higher than the reported total, but you can keep an eye on the tracker to get the closest estimates.

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How Mariah Carey’s Twitter account was hacked

How Mariah Carey’s Twitter account was hacked

Talk of social media account security in 2020! On New Year’s Eve, Mariah Carey’s Twitter account was hacked.

Various reports indicated that the hack began in the afternoon of Pacific Time, and more than 50 tweets were posted containing vulgarities and the use of the N-word. There were also posts about rapper Eminem. The last tweet appeared to show a photo of a shirtless teenager.

The hacker also exhorted Carey’s followers to follow specific handles to get follows back after they were “done.”

The news outlet reported that some of the boorish tweets posted to Carey’s compromised account referred to the Chuckling Squad, a hacker group that was responsible for the August hacking of the account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The inappropriate tweets posted to Dorsey’s account — posted and deleted within minutes — included the use of the N-word, other loutish comments and one message claiming there was a bomb at Twitter’s headquarters.

At that time, Twitter confirmed the hack and regained control of the account within 30 minutes, saying that it had found “no indication” that Twitter’s systems were compromised. A company spokeswoman would also later say that Twitter had “looked into” the bomb threats and could confirm that they were “not credible”.

Eventually, the company attributed fault for the hack to Dorsey’s mobile phone company.

“The phone number associated with the account was compromised due to a security oversight by the mobile provider. This allowed an unauthorized person to compose and send tweets via text message from the phone number. That issue is now resolved.”

Since the hack, all tweets have been erased from Carey’s account.

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Netflix is looking to hire a new Head of Public Policy for Sub-Saharan Africa

Netflix is looking to hire a new Head of Public Policy for Sub-Saharan Africa

Netflix is seeking a Head of Public Policy for the Sub – Saharan Africa region. This is a full-time position located at the company’s Amsterdam Office and will report directly to the Director of Public Policy, Middle East, Turkey & Africa.
The Head of Public Policy for Sub – Saharan Africa will work to ensure that the policy and regulatory environment remains conducive to the growth of our business in the region’s priority markets.
This will include educating and raising the awareness of stakeholders, providing thought leadership on policy issues of concern to us, advocating for our position with policy stakeholders by collaborating with industry partners and associations.

In this role you will:

  • Identify, monitor and analyze relevant policy trends, legislative proposals, relevant news, and developments of the government which may have an impact on Netflix. Gather and analyze intelligence on policy and regulatory developments in priority markets in the region
  • Help colleagues across Netflix understand the impact that potential changes to policies in the Sub – saharan region, and our priority markets, may have on our business and their respective functions, and work cross functionally with key relevant stakeholders, including Legal, & Communications, to strategically align on various policy objectives
  • Develop and maintain relationships with a diverse set of public and private sector stakeholders to educate them about Netflix and build support for our policy positions
  • Communicate Netflix’s public positions on key policy issues to policymakers, and to external stakeholders
  • Develop and maintain relationships with public policy representatives across the technology and media community, and serve as a representative of Netflix in relevant trade groups or other industry bodies

To be considered for this role, you must have:

  • Proven experience in a policy-related role in either a government organization, legislative body, policy consulting firm, policy research institute or in-house government relations department
  • Strong industry knowledge – an in-depth understanding and keen curiosity of the internet, media and entertainment industries
  • Demonstrated and thoughtful business judgment, strong research and analytical skills, ability to work well under pressure, and ability to collaborate with multiple teams simultaneously
  • An ability to cover a broad range of issues and work with a network of consultants, lawyers, and other partners
  • Track record of successfully executing cross-functional projects
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English Language

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