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How to pay URA taxes and KCCA fees using MTN MoMo

How to pay URA taxes and KCCA fees using MTN MoMo

It is an obligation for you to pay taxes to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and fees to the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) – if at all you have a running business or enterprise in the city. This post basically details to you how you can fulfil these obligations with much ease.

Pay URA taxes and fees using MTN Mobile Money

The authority has a partnership with MTN to facilitate payment of taxes using MTN Mobile Money. MTN customers can pay their URA fees and taxes using MTN Mobile Money by dialling *165#, selecting ‘Fees and Taxes’ and then choosing URA.

There are two payment options: with a Payment Reference Number (PRN) or without PRN.

Pay KCCA fees using MTN Mobile Money

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is responsible for the assessment, collection and accountability of revenues collected from revenue sources such as trading license, fees, ground rent, property tax, penalties/fines, rentals, hotel tax and other fees collected from various City operators.

MTN customers can pay their KCCA licenses, fees and taxes using MTN Mobile Money. All you have to do is dial *165#, select ‘Fees and Taxes’ and then choose KCCA.

Thereafter, you will have to enter the payment reference number, the amount and then confirm payment by entering your MTN Mobile Money PIN.

How much are you charged?

ura kcca mtn mobile money payments

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertHow to pay URA taxes and KCCA fees using MTN MoMo

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How to reply to your friends’ Instagram stories using GIFs

How to reply to your friends’ Instagram stories using GIFs

When your friend has a status update and you wish to respond to it without the use of words or images, you might want to reply with a GIF of your own. Active Instagram users have, in the past, been able to fetch GIFs from Giphy and use these as animated stickers in Stories. Now the experience has been realised.

With the app’s latest update, users can reply to friends’ stories using Giphy GIFs.

There’s basically a large library of Giphy animations to choose from to help you find that perfect GIF to use to reply to a friend’s story. Not to forget early, Instagram brought Giphy integration to direct messages in 2018 too, but the latest update gives you easy access to GIFs.

There’s quite a lot you can do on Insta: You can activate Instagram dark mode for your phone, tag and re-share someone’s Instagram story as your own, see false information shared on Instagram, as well as download all your Instagram photos, videos and stories.

Facebook also recently rolled out a new feature on Instagram that notifies people when their captions on a photo or video may be considered offensive, and gives them a chance to pause and reconsider their words before posting.

When someone writes a caption for a feed post and the Instagram AI detects the caption as potentially offensive, they will receive a prompt informing them that their caption is similar to those reported for bullying. They will have the opportunity to edit their caption before it’s posted.

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You can now pick Jumia orders from Bata and Total outlets

You can now pick Jumia orders from Bata and Total outlets

Jumia Uganda recently penned a partnership with global shoe retailer Bata and oil company Total to increase the number of pick up stations that consumers can pick their Jumia orders from.

This initiative is a part of Jumia’s strategy to reach more customers outside Kampala, where the demand for product variety and affordable product pricing is high.

According to the company’s CEO Ron Kawamara, Jumia continues to dominate the Ugandan online shopping space with 76% of Ugandan online shoppers relying on the platform as of 2019.

We have also seen demand for our services in upcountry locations like Masaka, Fort Portal, Mbarara Gulu, and Lira. Therefore, our expanded pick up station network with Total and Bata will enhance customer confidence and the adoption of e-commerce in 2020 countrywide.”

Upon shopping on Jumia, customers from upcountry now have an option to pick their orders from the nearest Bata store during the checkout process, and the products will be dispatched to the selected office for collection. This is the same for customers in Kampala who have an option to pick their orders from the closest Total service station.

The new Bata pick up stations in the upcountry locations will also allow customers to pay cash as they pick up. Previously, cash payment for upcountry orders was restricted. This new cash on pick up payment for upcountry orders will enable customers to save on the delivery fee.

The Bata stores to pick Jumia orders from

  • Bata Industrial Area
  • Bata Acacia Mall
  • Bata Batarama
  • Bata Equatoria
  • Bata Oasis Mall
  • Bata Quality Shoppers
  • Bata Luwuum Street
  • Bata Capital Shoppers
  • Bata Kireka
  • Bata Victoria Mall
  • Bata Freedom City
  • Bata Lubowa
  • Bata Platinum
  • Bata Nakivubo
  • Bata Africa House
  • Bata Money Center
  • Bata Mukono
  • BataTororo
  • Bata Hoima
  • Bata Soroti
  • Bata Mbale
  • Bata Mityana
  • Bata Iganga
  • Bata Kasese
  • Bata Lira
  • Bata Gulu
  • Bata FortPortal
  • Bata Masaka
  • Bata Mbarara
  • Bata Jinja

Total fuel stations to pick orders from

  • Total Bukesa
  • Total Mengo
  • Total Ntinda
  • Total Kyanja
  • Total Kyaliwajala
  • Total Bwoyogerere
  • Total Kintintale
  • Total Kibuye
  • Total City Center

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How to buy Yaka and pay for electricity on Eversend

How to buy Yaka and pay for electricity on Eversend

Electricity is a modern basic need and the introduction of Yaka meters in Uganda has made it easier to monitor usage in a home or business setting running on hydro-electric power.

Much as there are various ways with which you can purchase Yaka power units to keep you going, efficiency in doing so is also key. Innovations to facilitate a cashless transaction has been put in place and among these is with Eversend.

Founded by Stone Atwine, a Ugandan entrepreneur based in Paris, France, the fintech wants to revolutionize financial services in Africa by allowing its users to exchange, manage and send money at the best rates, both off and online.

So, how do you buy Yaka with the Eversend app?

Key requirement is ensuring that you have a balance available on your account, as well as an up-to-date app on your smartphone. To get the updated version of Eversend, download it here for Android or here for iOS.

If the above is in check, open the app, and tap on the Pay option in the menu below. Under payments, you will see the Electricity option on the right hand side of the first row. Tap it to add a new account, and choose UMEME Yaka option.

You will be asked to add a new Yaka account, by entering your Yaka meter number. A confirmation of the account details will be required after which you can schedule the payment to be automatic or a one-off.

buy yaka eversend

There is also the option of customizing your account with a memorable name such as Home Yaka. Note that the minimum payment to make is UGX 2,500.

buy yaka eversend

To buy Yaka, enter the amount to pay, input your PIN, and wait for a confirmation of the transaction.

The next time you wish to use the app to buy Yaka, the account will already be in existence and it will be a much simpler experience. You can also add as many Yaka accounts as you would wish to.

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  • Crucial Yaka codes you must know

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What next for BlackBerry phones after end of TCL partnership?

What next for BlackBerry phones after end of TCL partnership?

Do you have a BlackBerry phone, or are you planning on purchasing one? Your options could have to be revisited. The phone maker has announced that its partnership with TCL Communications will come to an end on August 31, 2020.

TCL is the company that has the rights to design, make and sell BlackBerry-branded devices.

The BlackBerry-TCL partnership began in 2016 with a series of devices including the DTEK50, DTEK60 and BlackBerry Keyone. These were designed and built by TCL and ran secure software by BlackBerry.

At one point a market leader, BlackBerry has been loved by its loyal fans for its unique set of smartphones with the full-qwerty keyboard. Actually, the company once had a 50 percent share of the smartphone market in the US and over 20 percent on the global scene.

However, the rise of the love for Apple and Android handsets matched with the failure to make equally good devices has not left tables up. This saw BlackBerry’s market share decline gradually. Actually the company is said to have been ready to leave the smartphone market to focus on other services until TCL came along.

Those having BB phones on them do not have to panic yet because TCL will continue to provide customer service and handle warranties until August 31 2022.

There’s however some hope for BlackBerry, as a company. With reliable and secure enterprise services as well as the running of QNX, an OS for automotive applications, we might still see some life in there. And you never know, another company might come up to replace TCL and even do better.

blackberry mobile tcl partnership

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertWhat next for BlackBerry phones after end of TCL partnership?

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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer (iOS 13 Supported)

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer (iOS 13 Supported)

We’ve found many iOS users searching for the best way to transfer contacts from iPhone to their computer. Some of them may want to backup iPhone contacts to a computer to keep them safe from unexpected data loss. While many others may need to export some of the contacts from iPhone to PC/Mac in accessible and readable format for easy print.

Luckily, there are several ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer and in this article we’re going to look at 3 of the most effective ones, using iPhone Manager, iTunes and iCloud. If unfortunately, your important contacts lost without a backup, you can also find a practical way to easily get them back. Let’s check out.

Way 1: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with iManager

Well, the best and easiest way to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer is using a third-party iOS data transfer software. Here we recommend you use Gihosoft iManager. This iPhone Manager is specially designed for this purpose and is therefore the best choice to consider when you need to transfer all your iPhone contacts quickly and easily. Some of the features that make iManager the best tool for the job include the following:

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version
  • It supports for the transfer and backup of data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to computer in just a single click.
  • This tool can be used to transfer or manage all types of data on the iOS device including photos, videos, contacts, text messages, notes, WhatsApp, Viber, voicemail, voice memos, Safari history and much more.
  • You can freely access, view and print the contacts, messages and other texts data saved on your computer if you need to.
  • It allows you to easily view any iTunes backup files, then access and export the data to your computer of your choice.
  • It supports all iOS devices including iPhone 11/11 Pro and all versions of iOS firmware including iOS 13.

To transfer your contacts from iPhone to the computer using iManager, follow these simple steps:

  1. Begin by installing Gihosoft iPhone Manager on to your computer. Open the program after successful installation.
  2. Now connect the iPhone to the computer and the program should detect the device automatically. Then click on the “Backup Now” button.
  3. Once the backup is done, you can see a list of types of data that you can export to the computer, click on the Contacts icon.
  4. In the next window, view and select the contacts you would like to transfer to the computer, then click on “Export to Text/CSV/Vcard” at the top.
    To transfer your contacts from iPhone to the computer using iManager, follow these simple steps.

Way 2: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with iTunes

You may also be able to transfer iPhone contacts to your computer using iTunes. Unlike iManager, iTunes will not allow you to selectively export the contacts to your PC or Mac. Instead, it lets you to create a full backup of all data on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer using USB cable and open iTunes. If you are working with a Mac computer run on macOS Catalina 10.15, just open Finder.
  2. Once iTunes or Finder detects the device, click on the iPhone icon to select it and go to the Summary or General tab.
  3. In the Backup section, click on the “Backup Now” to begin backing up all the data on the iPhone including the contacts.
    Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with iTunes.

Please note that you’re not allowed to view the contacts and other data in the iTunes backup file. Due to the limitation, most iOS users don’t prefer iTunes to transfer contacts. Nevertheless, if you have already backed up your iPhone with iTunes, you can use Gihosoft iManager to access, view and export contacts from the backup to your computer.

Way 3: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with iCloud

If you are searching for an alternative way to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer without iTunes, you can make use of iCloud. Once your iPhone contacts are synced with your iCloud account, you can then easily export them in vCard format to your computer. Follow the steps below:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > [your profile] > iCloud and make sure that “Contacts” is turned on. This will enable the syncing of all contacts on the device to iCloud.
  2. Now that the contacts are synced, you can see them on any other iOS devices provided you sign in with the same iCloud account. Open the iCloud desktop application on your computer and ensure that the sync option is turned on here as well.
  3. To export the contacts, go to the and sign in with your Apple ID. Click on “Contacts” to access the contacts synced to that account.
  4. Select the contacts you would like to move to the computer and the click on the gear icon at the bottom.
  5. Select “Export vCard” from the various options and the selected contacts will be saved to your computer in vCard format.
    Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with iCloud

Bonus Tip: Restore Contacts on iPhone without Backup

It is unavoidable to lose some of the contacts on your iPhone when attempting to move them to the computer. In this case, it is critical that you decide on a method of recovery as quickly as possible. This is because the longer you wait, the higher the chance that you will lose the contacts completely. If this is the situation you find yourself in, Gihosoft Free iPhone Data Recovery is the best solution for you. Some of its features include the following:

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version
  • With it, you can recover up to 12 different types of data including contacts, messages, photos & videos, notes, WhatsApp, Safari history and so many more.
  • It is useful for the recovery of data from an iOS device when you don’t have a backup or retrieving the missing data from your iTunes or iCloud backups.
  • It also recovers lost data under various circumstances including accidental deletion, a lost or broken device, failed iOS update or jailbreak, system crash, etc.
  • It is very easy to use, no technical knowledge required. You can complete the recovery in few simple steps.

Here’s how to recover deleted or lost contacts from iPhone without backup:

  1. Install Gihosoft Free iPhone Contacts Recovery on to your computer and launch the program.
  2. In the main window, you should see all the different types of data you can recover using this program. Ensure that “Contacts” is selected to begin the recovery process.
  3. Connect the iPhone to the computer and wait for the program to detect the device. Click “Next” to begin the scan.
  4. The program will scan the device for the missing contacts. The scan may take some time especially if you have a lot of contacts on the device.
  5. Once the scan is complete, you should see the contacts on the device listed in the next window. Select the ones you would like to recover and then click “Recover” to retrieve them.
    Restore Contacts on iPhone without Backup

Author: gihosoftHow to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer (iOS 13 Supported)


How Research Paper Services Can Positively Affect Education

How Research Paper Services Can Positively Affect Education

Students often mention academic writing as one of the first things to be changed in the educational system. Their arguments make sense. Not everyone likes writing, and many students aren’t good at it. No matter what tech tools students use, they have a big problem to focus and complete a research paper with success.

In reality, academic research papers make a positive contribution towards a student’s intellectual growth. The problem is that most students don’t see homework that way. They approach it with a negative mindset, thinking it’s something they are forced to do. That’s why they hire academic writing services.

These services encourage students to explore different issues from various angles. Professional writers teach students how to analyze facts and use them to form opinions. They contribute towards the high-quality education that every learner aims for.

Are There Any Negative Effects?

Student passivity is a side effect of the assignments themselves. A study found that students are demotivated by the following factors:

  • Discouraging attitude and negative comments by teachers
  • Inability to find good reasons to attend classes
  • Tasks being too demanding

Research paper tasks are all this, and more. When the student doesn’t do well at research and writing, the negative comments by professors discourage them. They don’t see a good reason to keep completing work, thinking that the topics have nothing to do with their future career.

These tasks are so challenging that many students decide to buy research papers online no plagiarism. They hire professional writers to help them complete the work. This can be a good thing if the student makes an effort to learn through the collaboration. In some cases, it’s just an easy way out of a difficult situation. The student will continue ordering papers in the future, without making a real effort to get better at writing.

What about the Positives?

The negative aspect of a research paper service is present only when the students are not enthusiastic enough. When they realize that they have a lot to benefit from, they will approach the process with a more positive attitude.

Let’s list a few of the positive effects that research paper writing services have on education.

  1. They Help Students to Get Better at Research and Writing

Collaboration is the best way to learn something you don’t understand.

Unfortunately, professors often assign research papers as individual projects. Since each student struggles with their own assignment, they cannot team up. That’s why they choose to collaborate with expert writers.

A professional writing agency works on the basis of tutoring. The student gets their paper, but they get instructions on writing as well. They can observe the stages of development. The writer finds a way to make them excited about the topic, so they can discuss it from a unique point of view.

  1. Students Learn Something New

When students request assistance with a research paper, it’s usually because they don’t understand the issue that they have to tackle. A tech student may get a research paper assignment on the refugee crisis. They don’t see how this is associated to their future career, but they still have to complete the elective course.

With the involvement of research paper writing services, these students can complete all their papers. Instead of avoiding the assignment, they will get it done. By reading the content, they will learn a lot about the issue that they didn’t understand.

  1. They Develop an Important Skill

Writing is not an irrelevant skill, no matter what career the student decides to pursue. Even tech geeks benefit from writing. Many of them have blogs and YouTube channels. Many offer online courses and earn a living from them.

Even if you solely focus on completing tech tasks in the future, you still have to know how to research and write. You’ll communicate with clients on a daily basis. You’ll have to present your proposals, and you’ll need to make a case out of them. You’ll research, so you’ll see how other projects benefited from a similar approach.

Use the opportunity to develop these skills while you’re still a student. Then, you’ll enter the workforce prepared.

Research Paper Writing Services Are Okay

If the student uses them responsibly, writing services can help them learn in a more efficient way. If we’re talking about someone with poor or mediocre writing skills, a professional writer can help them get better at completing these projects. Since the professors don’t have time for additional training and instructions, these students have to turn to paid writing services.

That being said, it’s not okay for students to buy all their papers online and stop making an effort with these assignments. The point is to learn something new, and get better at research and writing. That’s the only proper way to use professional writing agencies.

The writer, Robert Everett, is trying to encourage students to write more. He used to be one of those people who were terrified by assignments. Now, he loves them! You can follow Robert on Twitter for more writing tips.

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This online tool tracks the Coronavirus outbreak in realtime

This online tool tracks the Coronavirus outbreak in realtime

The festive season in Chinese territory has been highly headlined by the coronavirus outbreak. What began as a controllable infection in the city of Wuhan has turned out to be a complete security threat with hundreds of deaths already registered and several thousands infected. Additionally, numerous travels and air trips have been put on hold to contain the outbreak.

As various measures to control the infections from spreading have been put forward, researchers at Johns Hopkins University have come up with an online tool to track and visualize the outbreak.

The website shows a map with circles indicating areas with confirmed infections across the globe. You can click on each one to get a count of infections, deaths, and recoveries. There are also smaller panels on the map with additional data like a list of regions organised from most to fewest cases, a graph of infections over time, and a list of all the countries where coronavirus outbreak has spread.

The tracker is constantly updated with the latest official information as it is available. A section of experts have expressed worry that the true number of infections is much higher than the reported total, but you can keep an eye on the tracker to get the closest estimates.

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertThis online tool tracks the Coronavirus outbreak in realtime

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Uber increases UberX fares effective 29th January 2020

Uber increases UberX fares effective 29th January 2020

Ride-hailing company, Uber, has increased its UberX fares for yet another time in just 3 months. In what the firm has termed as “Investing in technology to enhance trip safety”, the changes – which take effect on 29th January 2020 – shall see an increment in the per kilometre and per minute fares charged on trips.

uberx fares change

As the base fare and minimum fare remain at UGX 1,250 and 6,000 respectively, the per kilometre fare has been increased from 700 to 850 while the per minute fare from 100 to 130.

Uber says the increase is because “of the increased costs for driver-partners.” The company recently implemented an in-depth earnings review to ensure that the app continues to be a “reliable economic opportunity for driver-partners, as well as an affordable option for riders.”

Accordingly, the new fare structure will enable Uber ably invest in improvements to its existing technology to help keep you safer on the road.

Second UberX fares increase in just 3 months

In October last year, the company put into effect its fare changes for UberX users in Kampala with a 13% rise in the charges incurred for trips made.

The changes saw an increase in the Base Fare from UGX 1,000 to UGX 1,250; the Per Kilometre charge from UGX 600 to UGX 700; Per Minute charge remaining at a constant UGX 100 while the Minimum Fare was increased from UGX 5,000 to UGX 6,000.

In a bid to understand the changes, and their implications on both the app users and drivers, an Uber spokesperson detailed to us then that Uber is emphasizing the provision of safe, reliable and affordable rides to its customers.

What are Uber’s new safety measures?

  • Trusted contacts: you’re able to select up to 5 loved ones as ‘Trusted Contacts’ and can choose to be prompted to share trip details with them during every ride – with a single tap.
  • GPS tracking: all Uber rides are tracked by GPS from start to finish, so you can follow your ride and see exactly where you’re going.
  • 24-7 Customer Support: whether you have a query or a problem with a trip, it’s easy to get the help you need with 247 in-app support.
  • Rider insurance coverage: In the unfortunate event of injury, death or disability while on-trip.
  • Plus the PIN code feature for riders to identify the right drivers

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertUber increases UberX fares effective 29th January 2020

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A tribute to Kobe Bryant, the selfless Techpreneur

A tribute to Kobe Bryant, the selfless Techpreneur

The world over has mourned the sudden death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash on Sunday in California. Bryant, aged 41, was heading to a Mamba Sports Academy game at the time when the helicopter crashed.

Much as he wrote his story in the history books through the achievements he garnered as a sportsman, Bryant was a selfless entrepreneur off the court.

In 2013, he co-founded venture capital firm Bryant Stibel along with founder Jeff Stibel. The partnership would turn out to be a $100 million venture capital fund that gives life to tech startups seeking a way out of the birth stage.

The firm now has more than $2 billion in assets, with investments in dozens of technology, media and data companies. Additionally, Bryant Stibel claims at least 10 successful exits, including Dell and Alibaba. It also has investments in Fortnite creator Epic Games, digital payment company Klarna and household products firm The Honest Company.

In 2014, Bryant invested a 10% stake in sports drink BodyArmor, which is now said to be worth $200 million after Coca-Cola purchased a stake in the firm. Bryant was once quoted to state that he hoped to be remembered for his investments just as much as his NBA career when speaking with CNBC in 2016.

“If you really want to create something that lasts generations, you have to help inspired the next generation, right? They create something great. And then that generation will inspire the one behind them. That’s when you create something forever.”

In 2016, Bryant founded Granity Studios, a media company that focuses on creative storytelling around sports. Through this company, the basketball star wrote and narrated a short film called “Dear Basketball,” which won the Academy Award for best animated short film in 2018. 

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Author: Kikonyogo Douglas AlbertA tribute to Kobe Bryant, the selfless Techpreneur